Our parent company is a business called Legal Brokers Ltd and they deal with solicitors, mortgage brokers, and estate agents. They provide a range of services that include general marketing, Indemnity Insurances, Law Firm sales, Conveyancing Searches, Quotes calculators, introduce conveyancing clients to law firms, and assist with Anti Money laundering checks.

And that led to a wider realisation that the wider population needs to confirm their identity to access a range of services. Technology allows us to do so much that even a few decades ago seemed unheard of. Specifically, the development of smart phone technology. And this has subsequently led to its abuse by those seeking to take advantage.

The latest report by the National Crime Agency, 24.01.23, reported that £305.7 million was denied to criminals on the basis of money laundering prevention.

If you’re an individual you may want to prove your age, your right to vote, your ID status to collect goods or access services. Consequently, keeping your ID on hand in your own ID wallet makes sense. Safe, secure, organised, and in one place.

If you’re a business we might suggest that you wouldn’t want a fraudster manipulating you or your services. There’s a potential financial loss, regulatory concerns, and reputational damage to consider.

We believe that iDwallet.com offers the English speaking world a safe harbour against fraud, but more than that it’s a simple solution to being organised in a technologically advanced world.