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Verifying a person’s ID is becoming a key part of everyday life.

From young people getting ID’d in supermarkets to buy paracetamol or energy drinks. Or bars demanding age verification courtesy of their obligations under the Challenge 25 protocol. Or businesses needing to confirm a person’s identity prior to dealing with them. Or individuals simply not wanting to carry their driving licences around with them anymore…. there is a need to provide a digital solution. 

At this time we are looking to create a global network of influencers and we can offer solutions based on;

  • Cost per Engagement on social media
  • Pay per Post
  • A flat rate advertising fee
  • A specific fee per app download
  • A mix of any of those listed above

To see how we can work together please email hello@iDWallet.com and we’ll create both an introducers portal and a QR mechanism so you can track the app downloads you help generate. 

Ultimately, the modern world we live in requires digital solutions and we’re a part of that future. Would you like to be a part of our vision ?

Who needs to see ID ?

  • Alcohol retailers, Bars, etc
  • Auctions
  • Cigarette & Vaping retailers 
  • Cinema’s
  • DIY retailers
  • Estate Agents 
  • Festivals
  • Garages (when buying or leasing)
  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Party supply businesses 
  • Post Offices
  • Public transport (rail & bus) to qualify for concessions
  • Solicitors
  • Sunbed businesses
  • Supermarkets (if you’re under a certain age) for the supply of alcohol, paracetamol products, energy drinks, etc
  • Tattoo parlours
  • Voting and polling stations

In the US individuals can travel within the country using an electronic passport. At some point electronic ID will become the accepted form of personal ID verification for all international travel. 

And in general, approximately 500 million people speak English as their main languance. Plus, an additional 1billion individuals are English speakers, so the market is vast.

It doesn’t matter if you’re English, Welsh, Irish, Scottish, American, Canadian, Australian, Kiwi, South African, Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, West Indian, African, or from anywhere else around the globe, we would like to hear from you…… 

 With a multi-faceted approach we can support both individuals and businesses living and working in the digital space.

iDWallet.com can be used on any mobile device. 

The future is filled with technological advances. iDWallet.com is a part of that grand design.

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