Verify your Age & Identity

With just a few clicks, anyone can confirm their age, identity, and then store that data digitally.

Whether you are a business or individual we can help. 

And in general, we all take our phones everywhere these days, so it makes sense to save your ID in the iDWallet app !

Stay Organised

Keep all your important documents in the  iDWallet app. Simple, safe, secure, and easy to keep organised.

Move Into the Future

The digital space is in every facet of the modern world and technology is forever moving forward.

Stay Protected

Protect your identity, confirm who you are to those who need to know, and access the services you require. 

Compliance For Businesses

Estate agents, solicitors, mortgage brokers, and countless other businesses are using electronic ID checks to stop fraud at the gates.

We understand how important ID and AML checks are for businesses and we’re at the forefront of the digital revolution. 

Your business can fast track your clients through our biometric ID process and we can offer you the confidence that you’re ticking all the regulatory boxes.

The modern world is moving away from paper documents and it makes sense to safely, and securely, store data digitally. 

At the same time, whilst your business needs to confirm an individuals identity, the person also gets their own iDWallet that they can use for any number of purposes.   

“This is a gamechanger!! Not having to carry around my wallet for ID would be a massive improvement to life!’ Rob

“I’m 55 and have carried my driving licence around with me in my phone case for the last few years… but storing the data electronically on my phone makes so much more sense in this day and age!” Peter

“My wife and I bought a house and we both had to verify our ID… and after we’d done that the data was stored in our IDWallet. So the verification fee has been useful afterall” Chris & Sue