Identity checks for Businesses

Our biometric Face ID checker uses advanced facial recognition technology to ensure that individuals are who they say they are and that your business isn’t being manipulated. 

We can tailor a solution specifically to your ID needs, whether that  simply requires a biometric product which matches a person against a driving licence or passport. Or whether you require an ID and AML (anti money laundering) solution which fulfils the Safe Harbour guidelines.

In the first instance please contact us for pricing and we’ll provide a solution that matches your needs.  


We can build bespoke products for different customers, but in general our pricing is divided into three ranges;

iD-Bronze: This product has been designed for all businesses that need to produce a quick AML (Anti Money Laundering) check. We do this via our online portal and you will only need the clients name, date of birth, and address. The check includes:

  • PEP (Politically Exposed People) & Sanctions Check
  • Fraud Check
  • Address and Mortality Check

The iD-Bronze product costs £2.20 + VAT

iD-Silver: This product has been designed to take client verification a step further. A simple text or email will be sent to the client, they will be directed to the app where they will be asked to provide a selfie (biometric and liveness check) and upload a picture of their driving licence or passport. This check will include everything from iD-Bronze, plus the following:

  • Watchlist Check
  • Identity Verification
  • International Screening
  • Address Verification 

The iD-Silver product costs £7.00 + VAT, and the individual can use their wallet for the next 12 months without further costs.

iD-Gold: This product is perfect for property conveyancers. iD-Gold is split into two sections:

iD-Gold Purchaser. This product incorporates all of the iD-Silver features, and offers Safe Harbour protection. Aimed at the individual who is purchasing a property, he/she/they will be asked to provide a selfie (biometric mapping and liveness check), plus scan the NFC chip on their passport).  

iD-Gold Vendor. Similar to the above, this check is aimed at the seller. Again, a selfie is required, plus documents need scanning that link the seller to the property address, and a scan of the NFC chip. This check also provides a full Safe Harbour stamp.  

ALL checks will be returned as soon as the client completes the uploads (unless we need to check anything). And, after the checks have been completed, the individual retains their iDWallet and can use it as they see fit… it really is a win win situation for the business and the individual.

The iD-Gold product costs £10 + VAT, and the individual can use their wallet for the next 12 months without further costs.  

As an FYI, providing the Safe Harbour checks (Gold) ensures that in the event of a fraudulent transaction the Land Registry will not make a financial claim against the conveyancer. 

Why use iDWallet?

Enhanced Security: Ultimately, you need to feel secure that you have ticked the regulatory boxes and that “problems” do not lead to reputational damage to your business.

Convenience: Simply log in and enter a clients name, email address, and telephone number. At that point our system does the rest. An email and text will be sent to your client which leads them through the process. As soon as they’ve done that the details hit our server and the ID check is completed. It’s a simple process for both the individual and the business.

Failures: It’s an inevitable fact of life that some individuals will upload the wrong details. Consequently, we don’t believe in a “computer says no approach”. If an individual fails an ID check we’ll try to understand why and then provide our suggestions as to why the ID check failed and whether we can take a different approach. Ultimately, the worry is than a fraudulent individual is trying to take advantage… our job is to be that gatekeeper.

Versatility: can be used for a wide range of applications, including age verification, and secure document management. It’s a tool that can both fulfill your needs as a business, but it also offers your client a service that has a life beyond your dealings with them.

Don’t compromise on security or convenience when it comes to performing AML checks.

 With a multi-faceted approach we can support both individuals and businesses living and working in the digital space.

The iDWallet app can be used on any mobile device. 

The future is filled with technological advances. is a part of that grand design.

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