ID & age verification for Individuals

There are myriad reasons why an individual might want to confirm their ID to a third party. For the most part it might be day to day usage such as proving a person’s age to buy goods from a supermarket or buying alcohol in a bar. 

Or you might be needing to confirm your ID to collect goods from a retailer. Or maybe you want to safely store other documents in a secure wallet.

At the same time, who looks good on their passport or driving licence ? With iDWallet, you can take a current picture of yourself and update the app whenever you want. 

Ultimately, the modern world we live in requires digital solutions. 

Why use

Which businesses might want to see ID ? That’s a very good question and thanks for asking, so here goes;

  • Alcohol retailers, Bars, etc
  • Auctions
  • Banks (when opening an account)
  • Casino’s
  • Cigarette & Vaping retailers 
  • Cinema’s
  • DIY retailers
  • Estate Agents 
  • Festivals
  • Garages (when buying or leasing)
  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Party supply businesses 
  • Post Offices
  • Public transport (rail & bus) to qualify for concessions
  • Solicitors
  • Sunbed businesses
  • Supermarkets (if you’re under a certain age) for the supply of alcohol, paracetamol products, energy drinks, etc
  • Tattoo parlours

Additionally, a person needs photo ID to vote in UK elections and biometric passports for international travel are inevitably on there way.

As a general comment the Challenge 25 protocol means any young person can be challenged to confirm their age, for any purchase….

Ultimately, why should a person risk losing their driving licence or passport if they take it with them on a night out in order to satisfy a door person ? Plus, pictures on driving licences or passports rarely look good.

With iDWallet our system creates a 3D map of your face, what we call a “Liveness Check”, that compares your face against the image on your driving licence or passport.

What does this mean ? It means do your make up, fluff up your hair, and use a picture you’re happy with that represents you at your best !    

 With a multi-faceted approach we can support both individuals and businesses living and working in the digital space. can be used on any mobile device. 

The future is filled with technological advances. is a part of that grand design.

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