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We’ve detailed the reasons on our other pages as to why biometric ID checks are relevant in modern society. Ultimately the market for ID solutions is vast. 

Our parent company Legal Brokers Ltd has existed since 2004 and provides a range of services to the legal profession. We introduce conveyancing matters to law firms, offer a conveyancing quotes calculator (and baby case management system), provide conveyancing searches, indemnity insurances, help law firms buy and sell each other, and provide general marketing services.

More recently we’ve added ID checks to our suite of products via 3rd party data providers. Consequently, we can provide Safe Harbour solutions to law firms in order to verify their clients are who they say they are.

Apart from serving the needs of the business community we looked at offering a solution directly to the general public for every day use. The market is every English speaking person in the world. 

Our options are to either organically grow our marketing activities and let our sales swell over time. Or blitz the market with the aid of third party investors.

What do we offer; 

1. A dynamic leadership team who can rise to any challenge
2. A marketplace that is in the hundreds of millions of individuals
3. A unique, as things stand, opportunity
4. A technology sector that has come of age
5. A detailed marketing plan
6. Transparency
7. A system that is in the final stages of testing
8. A long-term vision and plan

    To see how we can work together please email jon@legalbrokers.com and we’ll contact you to discuss matters in further detail. 

    We’ve mentioned this before, but the modern world requires digital solutions and we’re a part of that future. Would you like to be a part of our vision ?

     With a multi-faceted approach we can support both individuals and businesses living and working in the digital space.

    iDWallet.com can be used on any mobile device. 

    The future is filled with technological advances. iDWallet.com is a part of that grand design.

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