Cyber Security

The use of Passwords, Pass Keys and 2nd Factors are no longer sufficient to prevent fraud in a digital world that poses both new opportunities to simplify our lives, but also introduces new risks.

Our software goes beyond “2d” face matching, because that standard is simply not an effective way to prevent fraud.  

We anchor a more advanced “3d” biometric face scan against an individual’s primary proof of identity, such as a driving licence or passport. This creates a much greater level of biometric security. 

The 3d scan also acts as a Liveness Detection process that would ordinarily defeat a 2d scan. Additionally, the OCR element of our platform scans the text on official documents and that serves to confirm a person’s age.   

Any modern smart phone is sufficient, even in difficult lighting conditions, to match an individual against their primary ID document. The AI system recognises the shape of an individuals face, their skin tone, even hair texture, and identifies the individual from 100 video frames.

To the person taking a selfie it seems like a simple matter of looking into the camera. The reality is that a biometric map of your face is being used to compare the user against their driving licence, passport, or official Identity Card. 

And, as part of the Liveness Scan, the system can lock out fraudsters from using a “deep fake” video in an attempt to defeat the software. The process is so sophisticated that it even looks for reflections in a person’s retina. 

From an individuals perspective we ensure that when the User has confirmed their ID, courtesy of our neural network, the data is encrypted and stored behind a firewall. It is then deleted. 

Ultimately, in different parts of the world, the software is in use over 500,000 times a day.  

 And, with an eye to the definitions we add to the Users ages, we’ve created the following three age bands;

  1. Over 18
  2. Over 25
  3. “iDVerified” or “Grown Up“, applies to those over 30.

If we get feed back which suggests this is too light hearted we may change this text and either allow individuals to select their own descriptive term or allow the text to flip to a person’s age.