We’re pleased to announce that we are officially trademarked under the following:

Class 9 – Biometric identification systems; biometric software; downloadable computer software; downloadable computer programs; downloadable mobile apps; all of the aforesaid enabling the scanning, downloading and viewing of and the authentication and verification of biometric data and identification documentation and enabling identification verification and enabling the management and storage of personal information.

Class 42 – Software as a service [SaaS; providing temporary use of online non-downloadable software; electronic data storage; digitisation and electronic storage of data relating to a persons identity; electronic storage of copies of passports, licences, passes and any other documentation that is required for verifying a persons identity; technical research relating to automatic identification systems; data encryption and decryption; online data storage; data security services; advisory, consultancy and information services in connection with the aforementioned services; all of the aforesaid relating to the provision of identification verification services and the authentication, verification and validation of personal identification documentation and information (including name, address and age) and the management and storage of personal information. 

Class 45 – Identity verification; identity validation services; providing authentication, validation and verification of personal identification documentation nd information (including name, address and age); age verification services; provision of data, information and reports to assist others in verifying a personas identity, address and age; advisory, consultancy and information services in connection with the aforementioned services; legal support services; legal compliance auditing; regulatory compliance auditing; information and consultancy services relating to legal and regulatory compliance.